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Predict the unknown.

Optimisation of the Supply Chain and Aftermarket Logistic using Artificial Intelligence.

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What is Oscal.ai

Unlocking data insights for the waste and recycling pioneers, OSCAL.AI can help you achieve your biggest challenges:

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Counter the effects of labor shortage.

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Forecast and predict required resources.

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Increase volumes and profitability.

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Combat seasonality.

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Reduce the number of trucks required

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Improve customers satisfaction

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Increase your Average weight/volume per pickups

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Reduce your GES emissions

Unlock the power of efficient collecting route management

How it works

Predictive analytics using machine learning

Predictive analytics with machine learning for waste and recycling collection involves using data-driven algorithms to forecast optimal collection routes and schedules based on historical usage patterns and amount of material ready to collect.

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What it does

Optimize your service level and volume collected

Utilizing data for decision-making and enhancing the efficiency of waste collection to:

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Identify trends and patterns.

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Determine the optimal service window.

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Enhance operational efficiency.

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Increase sustainable outcomes.

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Evidence-based solution for haulers

OSCAL.AI offers waste management and recycling companies a chance to harness their operational data with precision. By employing an evidence-based approach, you can monitor your performance, enhance your customers' experiences, and recommend the most effective pickup schedules to service various types of waste generators including the following...

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Cardboards and papers
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Commercial wastes
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Oil tanks
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Knowledge equals empowerment

In a rapidly evolving industry, artificial intelligence equips us with the tools to provide improved services to our clients.

The introduction of a data-driven program allows us to implement a service schedule that precisely aligns with the genuine needs of our clients. This involves delivering collection services when they are required, thus eliminating unnecessary pickups and prioritizing those genuinely in need of service. The primary goal is to enhance resource utilization and space management, ensure optimal allocation, and establish a real-time service scheduling system tailored to the specific requirements of on-site waste generators.

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Addressing the cost of unnecessary services.

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Effectively manage missed services.

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Proactively respond to client needs.

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Mitigate the risk of overflow.

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Reduce your environmental impact by doing more with less.